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We are an experienced team of individuals based in Bristol


Originally founded in Bristol, UK, SECURIST began with an experienced team of individuals with a wide range of backgrounds from within the security industry. Over the course of our time as one of the leading security companies and establishments, we have built up a large client base with many contracts specialising in Manned Guarding and Event Security at the very core of our operations in the South West and Bristol. 


Our desire is to raise the security industry standard Bristol has and to consistently surpass the expectations of our Bristol customers. It has enabled our Bristol business to thrive and we are proud to offer an extensive range of services from any of our Bristol office. Since expanding from Bristol to become a national company we are quickly becoming the most sought after name in the industry.


Among distinguished security companies in the UK, SECURIST has a commitment to its customers, employees, suppliers and the public to maintain the highest level of service. In doing so, we measure our conduct against the highest ethical standards to guide our business decisions, maintain a cadre of professionals to guide our managers and employees on ethical business practices, and educate employees on these expectations. 


We maintain a close relationship with our Bristol employees to provide them with a safe and rewarding work experience that keeps them motivated and well trained. We encourage open dialogue with our employees, and have established communication vehicles to ensure that communication remains intact, a quality unique among security companies in the UK. Their safety is a top priority. 



Protecting the health and safety of our employees and our Bristol customers is a core value within SECURIST. We believe that every workplace should be free of hazards, injuries and any incident that can compromise the safety of our customers and staff. 




  • Strive to eliminate all employee injuries by making the workplace free from hazards and unsafe actions;

  • Comply with legal and regulatory requirements of the SIA and the policies, standards and practices of SECURIST;

  • Establish safety and environmental goals and the business plans necessary to achieve these goals;

  • Provide accurate and timely measurement and reporting of performance;

  • Implement and periodically evaluate H&S management systems in order to reduce risks and continually improve the effectiveness of our H&S processes;

  • Integrate safety considerations into investment decisions, the design of services and products, and in dealings with suppliers and contractors;

  • Require all employees to adhere to these standards and provide management commitment of the means and resources necessary to lead, support, monitor and maintain accountability for implementation of this policy.

  • In all of the above, we seek and expect the involvement and contribution of our employees, and strive for continuous improvement.



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