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“Fail to prepare and you prepare to fail”. It is easy to place your concerns with other business priorities, but as crime rate is on the increase, it is wise to analyse where potential problems may rise. For anyone that is not in the Security Industry, it can be daunting to assess ones site. There are many hazards, from crime infiltrated by strangers to crime committed in the work place, so it is good to make sure your site has an accurate analysis. If you can target where the risks are on site, you can save yourself money which brings me to my next heading.

2. Find what works best for you

When your site has been assessed, you need to find a type of security that is relevant to your risks. For example, a business might assess their site and notice there is theft taking place in their offices. The businesses owners may notice that CCTV Systems would be more suited to them than Manned Guarding. It is good to find what works best for a business as any useless alternatives are an unnecessary expense.

Security should be our comfort blanket, not our anxiety. Pick what suits you best financially but remember, buy too cheap and you pay twice! It’s best to look around the market for a good price and one that you feel comfortable with. But if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

4. Finding the needle in the hay stack

It can be difficult to find the best security provider. It can seem as daunting as looking for a needle in a hay stack. It is often so unnerving for people to find the right security providers as they are concerned about their financial well-being with the provider. “Will they take more money from me than necessary?” “Is their some con behind what I am being offered?” “Is trusting in this provider really worth the expense, will my business actually be kept safe?”

As overwhelming as it may seem to find a reliable and trustworthy security provider, there are some tale tell signs that you can look out for.

Good Customer Service. You can always tell how good a security company is by their level of customer service. If a security provider is always helpful, friendly and punctual, they demonstrate that they will be punctual and helpful in looking after your site.

• More than just words. How often are we bombarded with jargon and clichés that don’t really mean much to us as a customer? If a company is fluent in using such language, the depth of what they are saying can actually turn out to be shallow. A provider shows you how they perform by how they communicate to you. If they are “all mouth” so to speak, then it is probably to conceal any scams, cons and poor deliverance. If a company explains things in a way you understand however, you can be confident they have nothing to hide and are more concerned in your interests.

• Save you money in some way or another. Even if a security provider cannot compete on price, they will be able to save you money in some way. This may be value for money or it may be that they offer a better service than most and will be able to save you money on things like insurance or theft. Services may not always seem so cost effective, for example, manned guarding services may seem a little more expensive. However, if a company does not seem so competitive, it is because they are employing better guards to be punctual, thorough and skilled at their job. To afford to do the job right, and to ensure you are getting your money’s worth, good security providers may need to charge a little extra sometimes.

5. Make sure your chosen security provider maintains standards.

Things will crop up randomly all the time and it can be an anxiety to keep your business protected. But a good security company will uphold whatever they have sold you and will not let you down. If they have said they can come out to you in 10 minutes, they will come out to you in 10 minutes.

Remember, all sites need protecting and if you follow these 5 tips, you will find security that works. Reliable security is an investment as it cuts down unnecessary costs and gives you peace of mind.

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