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Crime Map’ is a simple feature by Police.UK that allows you to view the whereabouts and nature of crimes in a specific region. This map allows you to look more in depth at the figures for individual months and view the type of crimes that took place. To reduce the crime figures in your area Securist recommends installing CCTV to monitor the activity around your business.

How can you protect your business?

The most efficient way to protect your business against criminals and criminal damage is to install Closed Circuit Television, CCTV for fundamental site security. CCTV can be viewed in real time to help prosecute crime and ultimately prevent it.

What are the benefits of CCTV?

  • CCTV can reduce crime significantly

  • It can act as a deterrent and warning to criminals

  • There is an opportunity of prosecution if CCTV is installed

  • Offers protection and less fear of crime

  • A safer working environment

Millions of businesses worldwide are choosing to protect their business with CCTV as a security measure. CCTV can both monitor their site and to act as a visual deterrent against criminal activity. Thieves are significantly less likely to enter your site if they can see that CCTV is present.

Why choose SECURIST for CCTV installation?

SECURIST offers a service that includes Internet Protocol (IP) cameras that allow you to access the CCTV footage remotely via the Internet. The CCTV footage can then be accessed anytime, day or night through a secure logon for your site. SECURIST also place signs free of charge to warn criminals about the CCTV security measures in place on site.

To find out more about protecting and securing your business with CCTV please get in contact by dropping us an email to or calling us on 0800 096 4070

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